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Tropical Leaves


CDI Univerzum the Distance Learning Centre Univerzum (Slovenia)


  • Reuse Center (Slovenia)

  • Social Innovation Center (Lithuania)

  • Hand In Hand To A Social Tomorrow  (Belgium)

Green House


In the  REMAKE THE STORY project, we have established a consortium of partners who work in various fields and carry out various activities for vulnerable target groups. Our target / final group is women serving prison sentences. By participating in the project, we want to connect various areas of activity for the benefit and awareness of professionals who work with the target group in the areas of sustainable development, environmental issues and the possibility of reusing material. In this way, we will increase the competence and expertise of educators  working with the target / final population and introduce them to innovative methods of work, which will enable prisoners to:

  • Acquire new competencies

  • Higher employability

  • Positive self-image

  • Raising the quality of living within the prison

We perceive the need for new methods and forms of work with the target group, lack of awareness of environmental issues. Educators who train persons who serve prison sentences are insufficiently trained in the field of sustainable development. They come from different backgrounds where they are employed as teachers, or perform work as external collaborators of educational institutions. However, these competencies are crucial in reducing the discriminatory aspect and social inclusion regarding the opportunities for vocational training and education of women serving prison sentences and, above all, their reintegration into the home environment.

Tropical Leaves


  1. To provide educators with knowledge that they will be able to transfer it then to end users - prisons

  2. Pilot workshop

  3. Creating a reuse manual

  4. Exhibition

The main purpose of education is to overcome the lack of knowledge about environmental issues, the impact of individual activities on the environment and the way of behaving. In this way, we want to motivate participants to take action and thus achieve a change in environmental awareness, which is expressed in the environment and friendly behaviour.

The goals of the project

  1. Create a guide for educators on how to reuse discarded things - reuse

  2. Improve the ability of educators to transfer knowledge in the field of reuse

  3. Promoting sustainable lifestyles and consumer habits by presenting the 3R concept (reuse, repair, reduce)

  4. Implementation of a pilot and demonstration workshop

  5. Providing guidelines for more diverse ways of teaching, innovative methods of working with end users

  6. We will consolidate the engagement and professional development of educators

  7. Testing innovative practices that will prepare educators and learning users to become real factors of change (3R concept - reuse, repair, reduce)

  8.  Raising awareness of the target group  educators, for the development of social and work competencies in the field of circular economy, empowering them to live in limited resources and establishing sustainable life patterns.

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