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Remake The Story – first live meeting!

After almost two years of covid, the different partners of the project RMS – Remake the Story decided to visit each other and to hold a staff meeting and a LTTA in Ljubljana.

At a certain moment, in this case February 2022, four members of NGO HIHTAST went to Slovenia. With strong precautions, mouth masks, disinfecting gel, open windows,… organized CDI and CPU our first RMS contact meeting in Ljubljana.

We organized workshops about how to upgrade on old laptop to a fast one, how to reuse an old smartphone as an IP-camera, how to make nice rings of an old keyboard, and many more.

foto 1_1.png

The visit to the CPU centre was very interesting. Reusing materials and organizing lessons in prison for the prisoners are the key values of this project.

Foto 2_3.jpg

All the methods will be written out in our handbook that will be available at the end of the project.

We learned a lot during this staff meeting and LTTA but the most important was the warm feeling we got of a real meeting!

The beautiful country, friendly people and good workshops were the start of a great experience. We were so excited about Ljubljana that the national television, POP TV, filmed two of our staff members for an interview about Ljubljana.

foto 3_0.jpg

We’re on track. Visit Epale for the report of our next meeting in Gent!

The project is co-financed by Erasmus +, project N °: 2020-1-SI01-KA204-075954

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